Eurofrozen has a deep commitment to the quality and food safety of the products it produces and sells.


Ensuring food security.
The work of Eurofrozen is based on a total quality system which involves the entire company. This system includes hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) across all areas and products, providing control from the reception of raw materials to shipment of the finished product, thus ensuring quality and traceability at all stages of the production process. In addition, the organoleptic properties of the products are subject to constant monitoring. In this way, we are able to ensure the fullest extent of food safety and quality in all our processes and products.

Food quality and safety policy

Food safety is a priority in the Audens group. For this reason we have established the following commitments:

  • To manufacture safe foods from a sanitary point of view, maintaining and improving self-established controls based on the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points. As a food producer, we have an ongoing duty to comply with this responsibility. The health of our customers is non-negotiable and is our top priority.
  • To produce food with a pleasant appearance and taste and with good nutritional balance.
  • To limit, where possible, allergenic components in the composition of our products.
  • To not use genetically modified products according to legislation in force.
  • Commitment to a policy of simple, clear and transparent labelling and consumer information.
  • Raise awareness among staff about the importance of meeting quality and food safety requirements through continuous training.
  • Encourage continuous improvement in our products and processes, guaranteeing the necessary resources to fulfil our commitments.